Species: Time Lord

Best Friend: Jim Moriarty

Roommate: Tony Stark

First Kiss: Greg Lestrade

Boyfriend: John Watson (SCORE!)

Your Murderer: Mycroft Holmes (WHYYY ;____;)

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    Species: Ghost Eleven Bruce Banner First kiss: Rory Williams Clint Barton My murderer: Gabriel
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    I’m a human, the 11th doctor is my best friend and roommate (does that mean I live in the TARDIS?!) My first kiss is...
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    I am a Trickster. My best friend is Gabriel. My roommate is the Eleventh Doctor. My first kiss was with Mycroft, but my...
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    Species: time lord Best friend: ten Roommate: ten First kiss: ten Boyfriend: ten Your murderer: tenWtf is with me and...
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    Species : Demon Best Friend : Tenth Doctor Roomate : Ninth Doctor First kiss: The Master Boyfriend: Castiel Your...
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    I was murdered by my boyfriend
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    My first kiss and murderer is Crowley. Ouch. Was it something I said?
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    Race: human Best friend: mycroft Roommate: Sherlock First kiss: captain America \(•0•)/ Boyfriend: Ten My murderer:...
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