I’ve been relistening to a lot of Cabin Pressure lately and felt like making a few buttons for it (available here if you’re interested).

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Listening to the soothing sounds of Cabin Pressure 

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The thing I love most about drawing Cabin Pressure, especially captain Crieff, is that I CAN DRAW BENEDICT’S FUCKING FACE LIKE WHATEVER I WANT. Someone might ask “hey you can’t do that” than I would say like “hey it’s ok, because captain Crieff is not actually Benedict, only his voice is. And in script, it clearly states that Martin Crieff is a small red faced man, so everything’s fine. Just like Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, and John Finnemore.” and someone might say like “then what about promo pictures of them?” then I…………… uhm…….I haven’t thought about that……………..

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Love me some Martin and Douglas 

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Did this while wishing I could see this happen one day :)

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“If it helps, you are excellent at being teased.”

(What I really wanted to illustrate was Douglas’ “What!”, but somehow this happened instead. I think the bar scene is one of the best moments in the series so far, and I love their relationship. I don’t think Douglas’ “fifty-seven year old first officer with three ex-wives and drinking sodding pineapple juice” was entirely lost on Arthur - and we’re reminded that Douglas’ personal life isn’t all that wonderful.

Also, I do believe Arthur ruffled his hair when he pretended to be Douglas before saying “Er … I notice Sir isn’t terribly tall today.” )

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Character Quotes | Douglas Richardson, Cabin Pressure

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Cabin Pressure Covers for iTunes

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Douglas: Good evening, Carolyns and Arthurs, this is your Douglas speaking. I'm delighted to tell you that four hours in a Chinese traffic jam have not been in vain and we are awaiting clearance to leave the mysterious Orient and return to the obvious Fitton.
Carolyn and Arthur: Yay!
Douglas: I’m joined in the flight deck by Martin, who will be your Martin today.
Martin: Hello.
Douglas: Your cabin service attendants will be you, and I have no doubt they will be doing everything they possibly can to make the pilots’ flight as peaceful and pleasant as possible.
Carolyn: I won’t! I shall be fast asleep throughout!
Douglas: Which is actually a very good start.

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Martin is going on a third date with Theresa~

I’m sorry I’m not sorry

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Martin: Does it mean something when you smell bacon?
Douglas: Ah, well, that's one for the philosophers.

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Carolyn: Good day, folks. We all be on our way in just a tick, but first a few words from... the guy at the front in the hat!
Douglas: Oh, thanks. Well. Hi... guys. I am most glad to have you all with me on the plane for this short trip from HERE to the U K. My name is Doug... Smith, and I am the one who will fly you this day. We will take one hour for our trip and we fly at a height of... quite higher. Now, let me pass you back to the one who spoke just now, who will take you through all the ways we keep you safe on board.
Carolyn: Thank you. Tell you what, just read the card at the back of the seat in front.

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Lord High Archduke Martin of Crieffstonia

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If you want to write meta/ficlets under my gifsets, I don't mind at all.
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